The First Company in Syria to demonstrate Online Trading Advantages

May 01,2021

Financial  Analyst and Director of Initial Public Offering at "Alpha Capital for Financial Services ", Dr. Mattei Abu Marra, confirmed that: the launched application will provide an online trading service with so many advantages for investors, as reducing the time required to implement the financial transaction, and reducing the cost.

Abu Marra added that the OMS application enables the investor to place purchase and sale orders directly through it, and also provides him with the ability to track both market and traded shares  to monitor and manage the real-time investments. He also confirmed the ability of making decisions and executing orders within a tiny time.

He pointed out that the company also provides a daily report that analyzes the reality of the stock market, and provide a comprehensive overview of the performance of stocks, sectors, and market indicators, revealing the preparation for launching many studies and related research.

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